What’s KYOT About Us?

It’s always been hard for me to find the perfect pair of shoes that suits my needs, let alone in SIZE 4!  One day, I realized I don’t need to get stuck with trying to find the perfect pair.  I CAN MAKE the perfect pair!  But I realized that the idea was too KYOT not to share with others who have “normal/bigger” shoe sizes. (UHMMM You’re welcome!)

…And that’s how KYOT started.

I wanted to build this brand with a mission and vision right from the start.  I want everyone to enjoy the KYOTness of each pair.  From the pink bubble/rubber pods sole to different colorful swatches offered, you’re gonna want to own them all!  I'm also hoping to expand in the future and make different kinds of shoes as well as KYOT clothing.

Each pair is manufactured in my hometown in the Philippines where I grew up, so this holds a special place in my heart.  This part was very important to me.  All pieces are handcrafted together by our hardworking, skilled shoemakers.  We use mostly man made materials to produce our items. Everything is made with precision and talent and most especially with LOVE. 

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Our hard working KYOT Team who makes the magic happens. Our flats are made mostly by hand. Handled with love and care from start to finish.